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Director's Message:
Jagadish Chandra Bose Research Organisation (JCBRO) is primarily aimed at training, research, technical consultancy and product development. We provide online training, free educational videos via YouTube and technical consultancy to Indian and overseas clients in the field of research and product development. Our research and consultancy domain includes
Embedded Systems, DSP, Biomedical Signal Processing, Control System, Machine Learning, Data Science, Image Processing etc.
It has been named after renowned scientist and father of wireless communication Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose. We at the JCBRO are focused and dedicated to continue his legacy and keep the pride of the nation upheld.



Dr. ​​Nidhi Sharma

​Director, JCBRO



Our Philosophy

Think India, Think Innovation


We believe that to refrain from negativity is the key to innovation. For innovation, hope for a better future is the most essential ingredient. So despite all the odds we believe that our country may not be the best but we hope it will be.

Our History

We started working in the field of research and training since 2015 and since then we have conducted trainings in many colleges of north india and published no. of papers in  reputed  journals.
We hope our mission to carry forward through out the country especially in the areas where quality education is still a heavens grace.

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