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B.Tech/M.Tech Projects

Jagadish Chandra Bose Research Centre provides helps to B.Tech students in implementing their projects based on any technology. 


We provide complete assistance to students starting from topic finalization, complete guidance during paroject making to project report and presentation.

ECE/EEE Projects

Matlab Based Projects:

  1. Speech Signal Processing (LPCC, MFCC, BFCC, PLP etc)

  2. Emotion Recognition from Speech Signal.

  3. ECG Signal Analysis.

  4. Control of D.C. Motor Simulation using PID controller based on Genetic Algorithm.

  5. Control of D.C. Motor using FUZZY controller using Genetic Algorithm.

  6. Fractional Order PID controller using Genetic Algorithm.

  7. Cuckoo Search Algorithm based controller Optimization.

  8. ROI based object detection from Medical Images.

  9. Matlab GUI for Automatic Image Segmentation.

  10. Arduino & Matlab Interfacing Based Projects.

  11. Speech controller home automation.


  1. Character Segmentation Project from Images

  2. Automatic Hand Gesture Recognition and converting to sound from Images.

  3. Hand written character recognition

  4. Fuzzy logic based image segmentation

  5. C-Means Fuzzy logic based image segmentation

  6. Fragile Image watermarking

  7. Robust image watermarking

  8. Multipurpose image watermarking

  9. Object tracking in image based on color

  10. Face detection and tracking in video using skin color

  11. Virtual touch screen

  12. Image classification using artificial neural network

  13. Image compression using wavelets

Embedded System Projects

  1. Microcontroller Based Home Automation

  2. Fire Fighting Robot

  3. Automatic Irrigation system

  4. Automatic Green House Control

We also Implement IEEE/Journal  Papers on the above mentioned areas.

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