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(Note: Go Through Video Tutorial for Better Understanding of Code)

(Note: Some of the links will be updated soon)

Matlab Tutorials & Code:

  1. Real Time Serial Data Ploting using Matlab. (code)

  2. PID Tuning using Zeigler-Nicholas Method 1. (code)

  3. Train ANN for Binary Classification. (code)

  4. How to display real time video from webcam on Matlab GUI.       (code, figure).

  5. How to display multiple images on Matlab GUI.  (code, figure)

  6. Remove noise from Noisy signal in Matlab.   (code)

  7. Design IIR & FIR filter in Matlab.     (code)

  8. Define Fractional Order Transfer Function in Matlab.   (code)

  9. Simulation of Pulse Position Modulation (PPM) in Matlab. (code)

  10. Silence Removal From Speech using Frame by Frame Analysis. (code)

  11. Convert Speech Signal into Frames of Specific Duration.  (code)

  12. Simulation of Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) in Matlab.   (code)

  13. PWM simulation with Message signal in Matlab.   (code)

  14. Generate PWM signal in Matlab with varying duty cycle.   (code)

  15. Read and Play MP3 Sound from Matlab.   (code)

  16. Run Simulink Model in Matlab editor.   (code)  (model)

  17. Design Fuzzy Controller in matlab (Speed Control Example).    (code)

  18. Genetic Algorithm Based PID parameter Optimization.  (code)

  19. Neural Network Training in Matlab.    (code)

  20. Retrieving Back data from Matlab Figure.  (code)  

  21. Get stock market data into Matlab.  (code)  

  22. Convert Text into Speech in Matlab.  (code)

  23. Read Data from Microsoft Data Base.  (code)  (table)

  24.  PID Controller Tuning in Matlab.    (code)

  25. Design PID controller in Matlab.    (code)

  26. Impulse & Step Response of Dynamic System in Matlab.    (code)

  27. LED fading of Arduino using Matlab.    (code)

  28. Read Analog from Arduino into Matlab.   (code)

  29. Interface Arduino with Matlab.   (code)

  30. How to add noise in signal using Matlab.   (code)

  31. Frequency Response of Digital System in Matlab.  (code)

  32. Fourier Transform of a pulse in Matlab.  (code)

  33. Plot Symbolic variables in Matlab.   (code)

  34. Find fourier expression in Matlab.   (code)

  35. Find Inverse Z-Transform in Matlab.   (code)

  36. Calculate Z-Transform in Matlab.   (code)

  37. Convolution of 2 Sequences in Matlab.   (code)

  38. Find Impulse Response of the System in Matlab.   (code)

  39. Generate Impulse and Step Signal in Matlab.   (code)

  40. Create Blurring Effect in Matlab.   (code)

  41. Remove Salt and Peeper Noise from Images in Matlab.   (code)

  42. Filter an Image in Matlab.   (code)

  43. Enhance the Contrast of an Image in Matlab.   (code)

  44. Find Histogram of an Image in Matlab.   (code)

  45. Convert RGB image to Gray Scale Image in Matlab.   (code)

  46. Resize an Image in Matlab.   (code)

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