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Summer Training on LabView and Virtual Instrumentation


With LabVIEW training program you will learn lots of new thing about daily life which can controlled by programming in LabVIEW .


Main focus of this training program is to promote the LabVIEW and technology simultaneously.


Technical knowledge of Indian student is below of average and 90% of Electronic and electrical engineers find the difficulty to developed their program using text base programming. LabVIEW remove this difficulty because it is a very different type of programming.



Course Duration: 30/45 Days


Course Content:


1. Introduction to LabVIEW

  • The LabVIEW environment including windows, menus, and tools

  • Creating and using LabVIEW projects

  • The LabVIEW front panel and block diagram

  • Searching for controls, VIs, and functions


2. Creating Your First Application

  • Understanding the dataflow programming model of LabVIEW

  • Recognizing different data types

  • Tools for developing, cleaning and organizing your VIs


3. Troubleshooting and Debugging VIs

  • Correcting broken Vis Using common debugging techniques

  • Addressing undefined or unexpected data

  • Implementing error checking and

  • error handling


4. Using Loops

  • Using structures like the While Loop and For Loop

  • Adding software timing to your code

  • Sharing data between loop iterations

  • Plotting data to a waveform chart


5. Creating and Leveraging Structures

  • Creating and using array controls and indicators

  • Creating and using cluster controls and indicators

  • Using type definitions to improve reuse of data structures in applications


6. Using Decision-Making Structures

  • Creating and using Case structures

  • Creating and using Event structures


7. Modularity (SubVIs)

  • Basics of modular programming

  • Creating an icon and connector pane

  • Using a VI as a subVI

  • Creating subVIs from an existing VI


8. Real time Acquisition and Measurement with Hardware

  • Programming with the DAQmx API

  • Instrument control and programming

  • with instrument drivers


9. Accessing Files in LabVIEW

  • High-level and low-level file I/O

  • functions available in LabVIEW

  • Implementing File I/O functions to read and write data to files


10. Using Sequential and State Machine

  • Programming Techniques for sequential programming

  • Using state programming

  • Implementing a state machine design pattern


11. Digital Signal Processing

  • FIR Filter Designing

  • IIR Filter Designing

  • Wavelet Analysis

  • Real Time signal analysis of acquired data


12. Image Processing

  • Image Acquisition

  • Image enhancement

  • Object Identification


13. Control System

  • Control Design

  • Simulation

  • PID Controller Design


Who Could Attend?

  • College students seeking future in Virtual Instrumentation.

  • Education Faculty & Staff in LabVIEW.

  • Electronics, Instrumentation & Communications Students.

  • Students from any branch can attend the Summer Training Program.


Course Material & CD

  • Software tool kit CD having (Study E-Book, Videos, Softwares)

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