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Think India, Think Big

Do you have an idea? Start hustling and we will have your back!


India is a land of Innovation. From the way we make our clothes to the way we produce our food to the way we communicate with the world, everything involves spectacular innovations that inspire progress and prosperity.


Keeping in mind the art of innovation and its influence in making a better society and a better India, we present to you ‘THINK-O-THON’. At THINK-O-THON, we welcome every innovation. Yes, you read it right. No matter what domain you represent, if your innovation has what it takes to solve a problem that concerns the masses, we want to lend a hand to you to take it forward.


Think-O-Thon is a national level competition that aims to develop a scientific temper by propagating and nurturing innovative ideas from students. Think – outside the box; Innovate - to solve problems of mankind; and Solve - to win

Organizing Chairman                                                       Organizing Secretary   

Dr. Anand Agrawal                                                                                   Mr. Sachin Sharma
Department of ECE                                                                                   Director 
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kota                                JCBRO, Gr. Noida



Who can submit the idea/ who can contribute?


The participants and innovators will be divided into two categories:


  • Category A - This group will include students from B.Tech/BE (1st & 2nd year students only)


  • Category B - this group will include students from B.Tech/BE (3rd & 4th year) and M.Tech/ME students).


*The participants will be evaluated within their respective categories to ensure a fair judgement.


Team Size

  • One team can be formed with 1 to 3 students. 

  • Different discipline/Institute students can form one team. 

How to Register?

  • Pay the registration fee (590/- per team) by scanning the QR Code.

  • For alternative payment methods Click Here



Important Dates

  • Last day to Register: 31st March 2022

  • Last day to Submit Solution: 30 April 2022


Process of Evaluation

The process of evaluation has been divided into 7 phases starting from proposal of the idea to the finale:


  • Phase 1 - Registration by 31st March 2022.

  • Phase 2 - Problem Identification (by yourself / from the topics that we will provide on 31st March 2022). 

  • Phase 3 - Development and execution of the idea. Participants will be allotted a month’s time to work on their respective ideas and create a prototype. Participants will prepare a presentation of the product in any format (PDF, video, code file, etc.).

  • Phase 4 - At the end of the allotted time period (30 April 2022), Student will submit their solution to us.

  • Phase 5 - The experts from the respective areas will evaluate the submission & provide feedback and suggestions to the participants for improvements in order to make the idea better.

  • Phase 6 - At the end of the allotted time period (31 May 2022), Student will submit their revised solution to us.

  • Phase 7 - The evaluators will conduct the final screening and decide whose ideas are the best !


The winner will be decided on the basis of

1) Soundness of Problem

2) Novelty

3) Solution Feasibility



  • Participation certificates to all; who reach to Phase – 3

  • Finale Round Certificates to all; who reach to Phase – 6

  • Winning Certificates to the winners




  • Prizes worth 20000/- are there to be won

Contact Detail (for any Query)

Mr. Gupta (+91-9110931567)



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